Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Building Your Community At Tri For The Cure

We'd like to encourage you to invite your friends and family to watch the race, and to build a community around your achievement! Running a triathlon is a huge accomplishment, and having friends and family waiting for you at the finish line is a great feeling. We've done our best to accommodate spectators, so be sure to read up about where they can park, get food, watch the race, and find you after the race! Check out the FAQ's for spectators here: http://triforthecure-denver.com/spectators Additionally, we encourage friends and family to volunteer at the race. We have numerous jobs to be done. Volunteer information can be found at http://triforthecure-denver.com/volunteer, and people who are interested can still sign up to become a volunteer! Tri for the Cure Denver is built around charity and fundraising for breast cancer. Proceeds go to Susan G. Comen for the Cure, and together we've raise over $800,000 to find the cure. If you're still considering fundraising, there's still time! Check out our fundraising information at http://triforthecure-denver.com/fundraising. Good luck on race day! You can still register online until Wednesday, August 3rd - visit http://www.triforthecure-denver.com to sign up!

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